Q: Are companies outside of Quantum Technology, Computing, and Artificial Intelligence, eligible to be a member of The Quantum Terminal?


Yes. While it’s anticipated most applicants will be working within these industries, we encourage high growth companies and ecosystem enablers of these technology companies to submit an Expression of Interest.


Q: When will I be notified of the status of an Expression of Interest?

Notification will be within two weeks of close of EOI. This can be subject to change.

Q: If unsuccessful at Expressions of Interest stage can applications be resubmitted? 

Yes. If you are unsuccessful you can reapply at a later stage.

Q: Can international businesses apply? 


Q: What is the assessment process for Expressions of Interest?

Each EOI submitted is reviewed and assessed by an independent panel against the following criterions*:

  1. Current Performance
  2. Applicant Offering
  3. Community activities
  4. Priority areas and alignment with NSW Government.

Endorsed companies will proceed to commence negotiation for occupancy in The Quantum Terminal with JLL.

*The Quantum Terminal

Assessment Criteria

1. Current performance
  • Current level of domestic and international sales, operating expenditure, and FTEs
  • Capital raised
  • Size of employment footprint in NSW
2. Applicant Offering
  • Focus of the Technology Offering
  • Alignment of the use case and technology offering with the Quantum Terminal
  • Priority markets
  • Plans for raising future capital
3. Community activities
  • History of contributing to the ecosystem
  • How can it contribute to the ecosystem
  • Reasons for wanting to be part of the Precinct community
4. Priority areas and alignment with NSW Government
  • Relocating or expanding technology development or technology research team (fully or partially) to Tech Central
  • Holding events or undertaking activities to specifically increase participation of women, Aboriginal people or other minority groups in STEM or entrepreneurship
  • Operating in the Quantum Computing, AI or High Performance Computing fields


Q: How long is my membership commitment?
At The Quantum Terminal we have memberships starting from 1 month to 24 Months.

Q: Is there a setup fee at The Quantum Terminal?

  • Dedicated Desk Setup Fee: One-time setup fee of $50 per person.
  • Private Office: One-time setup fee of $100 per person .
Q: How fast is the internet connection and is it secure?
Dedicated bandwidth and an enterprise-grade internet solution will be available for each company – keeping your data safe and your connection strong.
Q: Is there office equipment like a photocopier, fax, and scanner that I can use?
A full range of office amenities will be available, from colour photocopiers to a shredder.
Q: What is the guest policy?
Guests more than welcome but we ask that they are accompanied by a member when on-site and that their details are registered with our building’s security team.
Q: What Covid safety plans are in place?
Health and safety are our top priority. We closely monitor and follow government guidance and local health authority instructions to prevent risk within our community. For more information, speak to your Centre Manager.

EOFY Offer

50% off list price. Ends 30 June.

T&C apply.